About Blanche House

Our story

Blanche House Cat Sanctuary is a private, no-kill cat sanctuary located 24km away from Bucharest, Romania. The sanctuary was opened by Maria Vasile in memory of her beloved cat Blanche.

Our mission

Blanche House Cat Sanctuary’s mission was to offer a home to cats with health problems that were abandoned and cannot fend for themselves in the streets. In time however, Blanche House became a safe haven for many other animals including several dogs and a hedgehog.

The sanctuary houses approximately 70 cats at any given time. Many of them are highly adoptable cats waiting to find their forever homes. Others may spend the rest of their lives here — either because they are feral, have a chronic medical condition, or are elderly and therefore less likely to be adopted. What they all have in common is that they are safe, loved and well cared for by Maria Vasile.